Nautical words

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Canes Venateci. 'Hunting dogs.' Constellation between Bootes and Ursa Major. Brightest star is Cor Caroli, Mag. 3.

Can Hooks. Two flat hooks running freely on a wire or chain sling. Hooks are put under chime of casks, weight is taken on chain sling or wire. Weight of lift prevents unhooking.

Canicula. Latin for 'Dog Star'. Alternative name for Sirius. Name is sometimes given to constellation 'Canis Major'.

Canis Major. Latin for 'Greater Dog'. Constellation S.E. of Orion. Brightest star is Sirius Mag. -1-6.

Canis Minor. Latin for 'Lesser Dog'. Constellation E. of Orion. Brightest star is Procyon, Mag. 0-5.

Canoe. Narrow-beamed craft propelled by paddles. Vary widely in construction from primitive dug-out to the Eskimo kayak and oomiak.

Canera.* Type of ship formerly used in Black Sea.

Canoe Rig. The sail arrangement of a canoe. There is no fixed type, but sails are arranged to keep centre of effort as low as possible. To avoid moving about in these tender craft much ingenuity is needed in arrangements for trimming, reefing and furling sail.

Canopus 67 Cap a Rope

Canopus. Star  Argus. S.H.A. 264°; Dec. 53° S; Mag. —0-9. Diameter is 180 times that of Sun; candlepower is 180 times greater; distant 650 light years. Named after Egyptian god of water, or the city of same name.

Canopy. Canvas cover on metal frames. Placed over a hatch or companion way, and in other places. Cant. Corner or angle. One of segments forming a side piece in head of cask. 2. To tilt in the vertical plane, or to incline in horizontal plane. 3. Cut made between neck and fins of whale so that a hook can be attached for canting. 4. To roll-over a whale when flensing.

Cant Blocks. Purchase blocks used when canting whales.

Cant Falls. Purchases used to sling a whale alongside.

Cant Frames. Short frames that support the overhanging counter of a vessel with an elliptical stern.

Cant Hook. Lever with hook in lifting end. Used for lifting heavy weights.

Cantick Quoin. Triangular piece of wood used to prevent rolling of a cask.

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