Nautical words

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Cancelling Clause. Inserted in a charter party, or other document. to entitle one party to withdraw from the contract if specified conditions are not observed.

Cancelling Date. In a charter party, is latest date at which a chartered ship must be ready to commence to fulfil terms of the charter.

Cancer. Latin for 'crab'. Constellation situated about R.A. 9h and Dec, 10°—13°N. Has no star brighter than Mag. 4. 2. Fourth sign of Zodiac, extending from 90° to 120° celestial longitude. Sun is in this sign from June 21 to July 22 (abt.).

Candela. International unit of luminous intensity since 1948. 1 candela =0.98 candles.

Cane Fender. Large bundles of canes bound together and used to pro­tect ship's side from chafing when alongside wharf, quay or another vessel. Hazel rod fenders are frequently called by this name.

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