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Callipers. Calipers. Callippic Cycle

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Callipers. Calipers.

Callippic Cycle. Period of 27,759 days, or 940 lunations, being approximately 76 years. New and full Moons occur on same day and date -within about 6 hours. Calculated by Callippus (Greek), about 350 B.C., as an improvement on Metonic Cycle.

Call Sign. Group of Morse signs allotted to a ship, or shore station, for identification purposes.

Calm. Absence of wind. No agitation of sea surface.

Calorie. Amount of heat necessary to raise temperature of one gramme of pure water through one degree Centigrade.

Calorific Value. Number of heat units obtained by complete combustion of unit amount of fuel. Generally expressed as number of British Thermal Units (B.T.U.) per Ib. of fuel.

Calorimeter. Apparatus for determining specific heat of a substance by finding how much heat is lost or gained when its temperature is changed in standardized circumstances.

Calving. Breaking away of a mass of ice from a glacier or iceberg. Cam. Projection on wheel or curved plate when shaped to give an alternating or eccentric movement to another member that is in contact.

Camber. Arched form of a deck or beam to shed the water. Standard camber for weather decks is l/50th of vessel's breadth. 2. Recess, in masonry of a dock entrance, for a sliding caisson to enter when entrance is opened. 3. Small tidal dock, originally for discharge of timber, now used for loading or discharging and for embarkation and disembarkation from small boats.

Camber Keel. Keel so shaped that its depth increases as it approaches the forward and after ends.

Camel. Hollow vessel of iron, steel or wood, that is filled with water and sunk under a vessel. When water is pumped out the buoyancy of camel lifts ship. Usually employed in pairs. Very valuable aid to salvage operations. At one time were usual means of lifting a vessel over a bar or sandbank. Were used in Rotterdam in 1690.

Cam Shaft 66 Canoe Rig

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