Nautical words

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Cable Stopper.* Short length of very strong rope, securely attached to deck, with stopper knot at outboard end. Cable was lashed to it while inboard part was passed around the riding bitts.

Cablet.* Hemp cable not exceeding 10 inches in circumference. Like cables, it was 101 fathoms in length.

Cable Tier.* Special platform built right forward, between decks and used for flaking rope cable clear for running out.

Cable Tire.* The coils of a rope cable.

Caboose. Old name for cook's galley. At one time was applied to the funnel casing. Now applied to any small enclosed space.

Caburns.* Small spunyarn line used for serving rope cables to prevent chafe. Also used for seizings.

Cachalot. Sperm whale. Length up to 70 feet. Lives in 'schools'; one school of females, or cows, and another of immature bulls.

Cage Mast. Lattice mast of steel tubes formed into a criss-cross spiral, held at intervals by horizontal rings. Fitted to U.S. battle­ships of early twentieth century.

Cagework.* Name once given to the uppermost decorative work on the hull of a ship.

Caique. Light craft of Bosphorus, propelled by oars or sail. Else where in the Mediterranean a two-masted cargo-carrying vessel.

Caisson. Steel floating structure that can be flooded and sunk to close entrance to a dry dock. In engineering, is a watertight casing in which men can work under water.

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