Nautical words

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Butter Battens. Special small-sized dunnage wood used when stow­ing butter or eggs.

Butterfly Block. Small snatch block, of clump type, with hemp strop

and tail. Formerly used for hauling in deep sea lead line.

Butterly Bulb. Rolled steel of bulb T section.

Butt Joint. Joining of two plates, or timbers, in which their ends are flush and in close contact. Can be strapped or welded.

Buttock 62 By the Wind

Buttock. Overhanging and rounded-in part of a vessel's stern. It commences aft and terminates, on either side, where it merges into the run.

Buttock Lines. Curves derived from a series of longitudinal sections of the hull of a vessel by vertical planes parallel to keel and at uniform intervals from it. They thus indicate the transverse form at any given thwartship position.

Butt Sling. Length of rope with eye splice in one end and whipping on other end.

Butt Strap. Piece of metal covering a butted joint. Riveted to each of the butted plates to regain strength lost by the butting.

Butt Weld. The joining of two members by putting their edges closely in contact and welding along the seam.

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