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Burdwood's Tables. Tables computed by Commander John Burdwood, R.N., to give Sun's true azimuth at intervals of 4 mins. when observed between Lats. 30° and 60°. Later extended by Commander J. E. Davis and P. L. Davis of Nautical Almanac Office, to include Lats. 0°.to 30°.

Bureau Veritas. International body that supervises building of ships and other maritime matters. An 'Assigning authority' for Load Line.

Burgee. Rectangular flag with a swallow tail fly. 2. Triangular flag of a yacht club.

Burgoo. Seaman's name for oatmeal porridge. First mentioned in Edward Coxere's 'Adventures by Sea' (1656).

Burlap. Coarse cloth made from jute and other fibre. Used for protecting cargo.

Burr Pump.* Old type of bilge pump, in which a leather cup was lowered down a wooden shaft. When lifting, side of cup fitted side of shaft and brought up all water above cup. Burthen.* 'Burden.'

Burton. Tackle made with single and double block. Standing part is spliced round neck of single block strop. Differs from a luff tackle in that strop of single block has a longer throat. Burton's Tables. Volume of navigational tables with 5-figure logarithm values. Led the way in giving comprehensive nautical quantities with minimum number of pages.

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