Nautical words

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Buoyant Jacket. A lifejacket or Buoyancy Aid.

Buoyancy Tank. Tank fitted in lifeboat to give one cubic foot of positive buoyancy for each person boat is certified to carry. Made of brass, copper, muntz or yellow metal, weighing at least 18 oz. per square foot.

Buoy Rope. Rope connecting a buoy with its moorings, or with the sunken object that it marks. Particularly applied to rope connecting anchor and anchor buoy.

Buoy Rope Knot. Very similar to a stopper knot. It was put in end of hemp cable when used for mooring to a buoy. Purpose was to prevent end of rope slipping through seizing by which it was secured.

Burden. Carrying capacity of a vessel expressed in tons. In M.S. A. means 'Net registered tonnage'.

Burdwood's Tables 61 Butt Joint

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