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Bunt. Middle portion of a square sail. Bunting

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Bunt. Middle portion of a square sail.

Bunting. Thin, woollen material used for making flags, ensigns, etc.

Buntline. Line for hauling up middle of foot of a square sail when furling it.

Buntline Cloth. Additional cloth stitched to a square sail in way of buntlines. Keeps chafe of buntlines off sail.

Buntline Hitch. Made by passing buntline through its cringle and then clove hitching it around its own part, with final hitch next to the cringle.

Buoy. Floating object that is used to mark a position. 2. Object with a large reserve buoyancy that allows it to support a required load. 3. To buoy a position is to mark it with a buoy.

Buoyage. The act of placing buoys. 2. Establishment of buoys and buoyage systems. Applied collectively to buoys placed or established.

Buoyancy. Difference between weight of an immersed, or partly immersed, object and the upward pressure of the liquid in which it is. If the weight be lighter the buoyancy will be 'positive'; if it be heavier the buoyancy will be 'negative'. Also defined as the vertical component of the water pressures acting on an immersed or partly immersed body. Buoyancy Aid. A lifejacket which has less than the officially required buoyancy or does not keep the wearer face-up when floating.

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