Nautical words

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Bunder Boat. Surf boat of Malabar Coast.

Bung 60 Burden

Bung. Plug that closes the hole in bilge of a cask, keg, barrel, etc.

Bung Up and Bilge Free. Correct stowage of casks, barrels, etc., especially those containing liquids. It precludes leakage and ensures the head timbers of the cask being vertical. Bilge is kept free by support under quarters.

Bunk. Built in bed, or one of a series of beds, on board a ship.

Bunker Clause. Inserted in a charter party to define the terms on which the charterer takes over the bunkers at the commencement of a time charter, and the ship owner at the conclusion of the time charter.

Bunkers. Compartments in which coal is carried. Name is also given to the fuel (oil or coal) used for ship's propelling and auxiliary machinery.

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