Nautical words

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Bullivant's Wire Nippers. Steel appliances for securely holding a wire when under stress. There are two types, fixed and port­able. In either type an increase of stress results in an increase of clamping effect.

Bull Ring. Transverse circular steel ring at stem head. Fairleader for head ropes and tow rope. Also called 'Panama Lead'.

Bull Rope. Rope leading downward from bowsprit to a buoy, to keep latter away from ship's bows or stem. Name is generally given to any rope leading steeply downward from forward. 2. Length of rope used for hauling items of cargo under square of hatch for hoisting. 3. Rope used for topping a derrick so that standing topping lift can be shackled to deck.

Bull's Eye. Solid, round wooden block with groove around cir­cumference and three or four holes pierced transversely. Lower end of rigging is seized in around groove; lanyard is rove through holes to make a purchase for setting up the rigging. 2. A more or less circular patch of blue sky very often observable over centre of a revolving storm.

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