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Bulgeway. Bilgeway. Bulk 59 Bunder Boat

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Bulgeway. Bilgeway.

Bulk 59 Bunder Boat

Bulk.* Old name for hull of a ship. 'Bulkhead' is a reminder.

Bulk Cargo. Cargo such as grain, coal, iron ore, etc., that is loaded in bulk and not in packages or containers.

Bulkhead. Transverse, or fore and aft, vertical partition in a vessel to divide interior into compartments. Not necessarily water­tight. Increases rigidity of structure, localises effects of fire and, when watertight, localises inflow of water.

Bulk Oil. Oil cargo when carried in tanks instead of casks, drums, etc.

Boll Bars. Galvanised iron bars between beams of holds in ships carrying carcases of meat.

Bull Dog Grip. U-shaped steel of circular section with a movable bridge that forms a clamp. Two wires being inside U, and clamp screwed up, the wires are incapable of independent movement.

Bulling. Putting water into empty cask or barrel to prevent it drying and becoming leaky. Colloquially used to signify diluting.

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