Nautical words

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Builders' Measurement. Tonnage rating resulting from:

Length – 0.6 Breadth x (Breadth x ½ Breadth)


Was legal measurement for merchant ships from 1773 to 1835; and for yachts until 1873.

Building Slip. Sloping erection, in shipbuilder's yard, on which ships are built.

Built Block. Wood pulley block with shell made of more than one piece of wood. Also called 'Made block'.

Built Mast. Mast made from more than one tree or timber.

Bulb and Plate Keel. Vertical plate with additional weight distri­buted along lower edge. Gives additional stability to broad, shallow draught sailing craft.

Bulb Angle. Angle bar having one edge bulbed.

Bulb Lead Keel. Forerunner of 'Bulb and Plate' keel. Introduced by Bentall in 1880. Bulge. Former name for 'Bilge'. Now alternative name for 'Blister'. The latter is a cellular compartment built on outside of bilge. Introduced during 1914-18- war to take impact of torpedo, and so preserve hull plating.

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