Nautical words

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Bubble Sextant. Sextant fitted with an attachment carrying a very sensitive bubble that indicates the horizontal. By use of this instrument sights can be taken when horizon is indistinct or invisible.

Buccaneer. Literally means 'a smoker of meat or fish'. Name was given to privateers who traded with the New World, in defiance of Spain, between about 1524 and 1700.

Bucklers. Shaped blocks of wood inserted in hawse holes to prevent the entry of sea.

Bucko. A bullying and tyrannical officer.

Budgee Jack. Flag worn at spritsail topmast by British privateers of 17th and early 18th centuries. Consisted of Union flag with red border on outer and lower sides.

Budget. Flat vertical plate under after swim of Thames dumb barges: practically a fixed rudder.

Buffer. Spring unit inserted in rudder chains to absorb sudden shocks. 2. R.N. nickname for a Chief Boatswain's Mate.

Bugalet.* Small coasting craft of Brittany. Had a very short foreĀ­mast with two jibs and a taller mainmast with two square sails.

Buggalow. East Indian coasting vessel having one mast and lateen sail. Has navigated from Gulf of Cutch since time of Alexander the Great.

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