Nautical words

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Broken Stowage. Space, amongst the cargo in a hold, that it is impossible to fill on account of it being too small to take a unit of the cargo loaded.

Broker. An intermediary between two principals. Insurance broker arranges insurance between a shipowner and underwriter. Ship-broker acts between shipowner and shipper or charterer.

Brokerage. Fee charged by a broker for his services.

Broom at Masthead. Traditional sign that a vessel is for sale. Rarely seen nowadays.

Brought by the Lee. Said of a vessel when running under sail and wind comes on the other quarter.

Brought To. Said of a rope or cable when it is brought to a capstan, windlass or a winch, and turns are taken for heaving.

Brought Up. Said of a ship when she rides to her anchor after dropping it. Also said when a vessel is under sail and the wind suddenly comes ahead and stops her way.

Brought up all standing. Said of a vessel under way when her sails are put aback by a sudden shifting of the wind. Used collo­quially to mean 'astounded' or 'flabbergasted'.

Brow. Substantial gangway used to connect ship with shore when in a dock or alongside a wharf.

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