Nautical words

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Brig Mast.* Mast fitted with a topgallant mast.

Briming. Fisherman's name for phosphorescence of sea.

Brine. Non-freezing liquid made by dissolving calcium chloride in water—40 oz. per gallon—for refrigerating purposes.

Bring To. Stop way of ship. Bring ship's head to wind. Bring ship to an anchor.

Bring Up. To bring ship's head to the wind. To come to anchor.

Bristol Fashion. Good and seamanlike appearance. Precisely correct.

British Corporation. Former classification society that was founded to classify ships built on lines that Lloyd's would not accept. Is an 'Assigning Authority' for granting load line certificates.

British Ship 57 Brown Curtis Turbine

British Ship. Vessel owned by a British subject, or by a corporation established in, and subject to, some part of the Empire; and whose owner or owners have their principal place of business in the British Empire.

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1   ...   140   141   142   143   144   145   146   147   ...   963

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