Nautical words

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Brereton's Log Scale. For timber measurement. Gives actual or solid contents of a log in 'board feet'. Is based on mean diameter of log. Invented by Bernard Brereton of Seattle, Washington.

Brewerton's Course Recorder. See 'Course Recorder'.

Brickfielder. Hot N'ly wind in Australia during summer.

Bridge. Superstructure, on upper deck, having a clear view forward and on either side, and from which a ship is conned and naviĀ­gated. 2. In boiler furnace, is an arch of firebricks built at combustion chamber end of furnace.

Bridle. In general, any fairly short length of rope secured at both ends. In particular, length of rope used as 'bowline bridle'.

Bridle Cable. Length of cable led from ship to middle of another length of cable that is anchored at each end.

Bridle Part. That part of cable that extends from hawse pipe to anchor when anchor is stowed outboard.

Bridle Port.* Port, in bow, in which a bow chaser gun was mounted but which was used, also, for a bow fast or mooring bridle.

Brig. Vessel with two masts and square rigged on both of them.

Brigantine. Originally, a ship of brigands, or pirates. Up to end of 19th century was a two-masted vessel square rigged on foreĀ­mast and main topmast, but with fore and aft mainsail. Latterly, a two-masted vessel with foremast square rigged, and mainmast fore and aft rigged.

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