Nautical words

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Brave West Winds. Prevalent west winds in temperate latitudes.

Brazil Current. Southern branch of Equatorial Current. Sets S'ly from off Cape San Roque to approximately latitude of River Plate; there merging into 'Southern Ocean Drift'. Breach. Said of waves that break over a vessel.

Breadth. Of a flag, is measure of its vertical side. Also used to denote number of widths of bunting used; width of bunting being 18 inches, a five breadth flag would measure 7 ft. 6 in. vertically.

Breadth Line. Longitudinal line of a ship, following the upper ends of timbers of frames.

Break. Of forecastle or poop, is the midship end of the raised deck. A wave is said to break when it curls over and foams.

'Breakage.' Ship's immunity from this damage exists only when it is not due to any fault of ship.

Break Bulk 55 Breast Rope

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