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Bracketless System. Introduced by Sir Joseph Isherwood to dispense with brackets at end of longitudinal and bulkhead stiffeners. Loss is made good by increasing scantlings of girders.

Bracket Plate. Iron or steel plate secured with its plane perpenĀ­dicular to another plate which it supports and stiffens.

Brackets. Ornamental work. See 'Hair Bracket', 'Console Bracket'.

Bragozzi. Small fishing vessels of the Adriatic.

Brahmin Knot. Triangle knot.

Brailed Up. Said of spanker, gaffsail or trysail when it is gathered into mast by hauling on brails.

Brails. Ropes used for gathering a spanker, trysail or gaffsail into mast. Led through block on one side of mast, round sail and through block on other side of mast; being seized, at bight, on leech of sail.

Brake.* Name given to handle of ship's bilge pump.

Brash. Ice broken into pieces, about 6 ft. in diameter and projecting very little above sea level.

Bratsera. Ubiquitous trader in the Aegean Sea carrying 50 to 150 tons of cargo. Originally a two-masted lugger.

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