Nautical words

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Boxing the Compass. Reciting the points, or quarter points, of the compass in correct order, and starting at any named point.

Box Off. To pay off ship's head from wind by flattening in head sails and bracing head yards close up. Done when ship has been brought too close to wind by bad steering, or if wind has shifted ahead.

Box Ventilator. Temporary wooden ventilator inserted in cargo, particularly grain, to ensure through ventilation. Usually square in section. Longitudinal sides may be solid planking or skeleton battens, depending on nature of cargo.

Boxwood Scale. Specially graduated scale for converting measureĀ­ment of unchanged coating of a Kelvin sounding tube into fathoms of depth.

Boyer. Flemish sloop having superstructure, or 'castle' at each end. Used for buoy laying.

Boyle's Law. The volume of a perfect gas, at constant temperature, varies inversely as the pressure on it. This law is fundamental in engineering and other branches, and is the fundamental principle of the Kelvin, and similar, sounders.

Brace. Rope or tackle by which a yard is adjusted in the horizontal plane.

Brace.* Arm of the sea. Mandeville calls St. George's Channel 'Brace of Seynt George.'

Brace Aback. To adjust a yard so that wind comes on fore side of sail.

Brace In 54 'Breakage'

Brace In. To adjust a yard by bracing so that it becomes more athwartships.

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