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Boulene.* Old spelling of 'Bowline'. Boulter

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Boulene.* Old spelling of 'Bowline'.

Boulter. Fishing line consisting of long pieces of tarred rope fitted with hooks at fathom intervals, and sinkers near each hook.

Bound. Proceeding in a specified direction, or to a specified place.

Bourdon Gauge. Instrument for measuring pressure of steam by means of a curved piece of flattened bronze tubing, the end of which is sealed. When steam is admitted at open end the tube tends to straighten, thus moving sealed end. Appropriate gear­ing causes amount of movement to indicate corresponding pressure.

Bouse 52 Bow Shackle

Bouse. To heave, or haul, downwards on a rope. Originally, and strictly, heave meant an upward pull, haul meant a horizontal pull, bouse meant a downward pull: but these distinctions have not survived.

Bow. That part of a ship's side that extends aft and downwards from stem. 2. Direction between right ahead and 45° from it. 3. Bow of shackle is the rounded part opposite the jaw.

Bow Chaser. Gun mounted forward for firing at a pursued ship.

Bower Anchor. Principal anchor; carried forward and attached to a bower cable. Stowed in hawse pipe or on anchor bed.

Bower Cable. Cable attached to a bower anchor.

Bow Fast. Rope laid out from bow of vessel to a bollard or other fixure, on quay or wharf, for mooring.

Bowge.* Rope fastened to middle line of sail to make sail lie closer to wind.

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