Nautical words

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Adie Barometer. Former name of a 'Kew Pattern' barometer.

Adjustment. Putting into correct relationship, or into proper place.

Adjustment of Average. See 'Average Adjustment'.

Adjustment of Instruments. Correct setting of those parts that have variable positions, or that have become displaced.

Adjustment of Magnetic Compass. Name loosely given to the compensation made at a magnetic compass.

Adjustments of Sextant. Comprise the setting of index and horizon mirrors so that they are perpendicular to plane of arc, setting the mirrors parallel when the index is at zero, setting line of

collimation parallel to plane of arc.

Admiral. Naval officer competent to command a fleet of ships. In Elizabethan times denoted ship in which senior officer of a group of ships was borne. In the fishing fleet, may be applied to the senior skipper of a group of drifters working in company.

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