Nautical words

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Borda's Circle. Repeating reflecting circle for measuring horizontal angles with great precision.

Bore 51 Bourdon Gauge

Bore. Steep tidal wave that develops in certain rivers and passes up in advance of normal tide undulation. Caused by narrowing of channel and decrease in depth. Occurs in Severn, Seine, Trent, Ganges and other rivers.

Boreas. Greek name for North wind.

Boring. Forcing a vessel through newly-formed ice.

Borrowing. Setting a course that may appear to be unsafe but will be safe through action of wind and/or current.

Bos'n. Boatswain.

Bosom Piece. Short length of angle iron inside a butted joint of angle iron. Usually extends for at least three rivets spaces on either side of butt.

Boson.* Old spelling of 'Boatswain'.

Boss (Propeller). That part in which blades are fixed, and through which the end of shaft passes.

Better. Dutch coasting craft with one mast, jib and staysail and a mainsail with short gaff. Usually double ended and with lee boards.

Bottle Screw. Left hand and right hand threaded screws led into outer ends of a shroud or 'bottle'. Has largely superseded dead-eyes and lanyards for setting up rigging.

Bottom. Name sometimes given to hull of a ship.

Bottom Boards. Light boards fitted in bottom of boat to keep all weights off bottom planking, and on frames and timbers. Keep crew's feet dry if any water in boat.

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