Nautical words

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Boom Square Sail. Name given to fore course in some old ships when foot of sail was extended on a boom - to facilitate getting it over fore stay when tacking.

Boom Stays. Attachments of boom to mast, together with fittings that keep heel of boom in its correct place. Bootes. (Greek = Ploughman) Constellation in approx. R.A. 14 h;

Dec. 20°N. Has one bright star, Arcturus.

Booti. Small coastal dhow of 20 to 40 tons. Has mat bulwarks. Undecked.

Bootlegging. Carrying intoxicating liquors up to, sometimes into, territorial waters of U.S.A. during period when prohibition was in force (1920-33). Boot Top. Ship's side plating between light and load water lines.

Boot Topping. Paint or composition used for protection or pre­servation of boot top. In 18th century meant scraping ship's side in way of water line and then coating this area with a

compound of resin, sulphur and tallow as a protection against worm and weed.

Bora. NE'ly winter wind in Adriatic Sea, often dangerous because it arrives without warning.

Bordage.* Planking on sides of wooden ship.

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