Nautical words

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Bolinder Engine. Two-stroke semi-Diesel type that requires a hot bulb to expedite vaporisation of fuel, but does not require air for fuel injection.

Bollard. Large and firmly secured post of circular section and used for securing hawsers, mooring ropes, etc. Often fitted in pairs on same base plate. Also, rotating post in bow of whale-boat. Used for taking a turn with harpoon line.

Bollard Timber. Alternative name for 'Knight head'.

Bollocks. Blocks in bunt of topsail yards of large ships. Topsail ties are rove through them to increase lifting power.

Bolometer. Instrument for measuring amount of radiant energy by measuring difference of resistance to electrical current when a fine wire is exposed to the radiation.

Bolsters. Shaped pieces of timber, sometimes canvas, placed in hawse pipe, on mast, or other position, to take chafe off a moving rope.

Bolt. Length of canvas as supplied. About 39 to 40 yards.

Boltrope. Special type of long thread rope sewn around edges of sail to strengthen it and to carry cringles and thimbles. Stitched on after side of square sails, and on port side of fore and aft sails.

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