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Board of Trade. Now the Department of Trade and Industry.

Board of Trade. Government department once responsible for, among other things, the examination of officers of Merchant Navy, and for issue of certificates of competency; for the survey of ships and other matters concerning shipping.

Board of Trade Enquiry 47 Boatswain's Call

Board of Trade Enquiry. Investigation of accident or causalty connected with a British vessel.

Board of Trade Notices. Orders, instruction or advice given to seamen by the Board of Trade.

Board of Trade Returns. Periodical statistical information given by Board of Trade on matters connected with shipping.

Board of Trade Surveyor. Official who surveys and inspects ships and their equipment to ensure that all statutory requirements are fulfilled.

Boards. Sawn timber less than 2 ½ in. thick and more than 4 in. wide.

Boat. Small craft not normally suitable for sea passages but useful in sheltered waters and for short passages. As far as Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea is concerned, a boat is a small non-seagoing vessel propelled exclusively by oars.

Boat Boom. Spar projecting from ship's side, when in harbour, and fitted with lizards and ladders for securing boats and for manning them.

Boat Drill. Statutory mustering at lifeboat stations so that all on board are fully aware of their duties and stations in the event of emergencies that require the use of boats.

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