Nautical words

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Action Stations. Positions manned by personnel of a warship when battle is imminent.

Active Bond. A written undertaking to pay that commences to earn interest directly it is issued. Act of God. Casualty due to extraordinary natural causes and circumstances, to which there was no human contribution, and which could not have been foreseen or averted by the exercise of any amount of reasonable intelligence or endeavour.

Actual Total Loss. 'Absolute Total Loss.'

Address Commission. Commission payable at discharging port.

Adhara. Star  Cams Major. S.H.A. 256°; Dec. S 29°; Mag. 1-6.

Adiabatic. Applied to changes in temperature, pressure or volume of a fluid when occurring without heat being taken in or given up.

Adiabatic Lapse Rate. Falling rate of temperature of atmosphere by 5-4°F for each 1000 feet of height (0-98°C per 100 metres). Due to atmospheric expansion through reduced pressure.

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