Nautical words

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Block and Block. 'Two blocks.'

Block Coefficient. Ratio that the immersed volume of a vessel bears to the product of her immersed length, breadth and draught. Also termed 'coefficient of fineness'.

Blood and Guts. Name sometimes given to Union Jack.

Blood Money. Bonus sometimes paid—usually to a keeper of a seaman's boarding house—for finding a seaman to fill a vacancy in crew.

Bloom. Piece of steel, in an intermediate state, having a sectional area of more than 36 inches. 2. An iridescent coating on iron or steel, usually known as 'Mill Scale'.

Blooper, Big Boy or Shooter. A very light large sail used in a yacht.

Blow. Gale of short duration. 2. Spouting of a whale.

Blubber. Thick coating of fat directly under skin of whales.

Blubber Guy. Strong triatic stay on old whalers. Tackles were made fast to it when removing blubber from whales alongside.

Blubber Spade. Spadelike knife, with staff handle, used for cutting blubber from whales.

Blue Back. Chart produced by private firm and mounted on stiff blue paper. Although based on Admiralty and other surveys they embody additions, omissions and alterations that are

intended to be helpful to those for whom they are produced. Introduced by Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, London.

Blue End 46 Board of Trade

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