Nautical words

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Bitumastic Pains. Consist largely of pitch. They have an excellent body, no action on metals; are waterproof, elastic and durable.

Bitumen. Asphalt, tar, pitch and other non-mineral products of coal and coal residues. To a certain extent, may be product of wood distillation.

Blackbirder. Vessel employed in transport of negro slaves from Africa to America, or Pacific Islanders.

Black Book of Admiralty. Vellum folio containing ancient statutes of the Admiralty. Based largely on the 'Laws of Oleron', the existing folio was completed in Tudor times, but it contains matter that is certainly as old as 13th century.

Black Down. To paint standing rigging, starting aloft and working downwards.

Black Gang. Stokers, firemen and trimmers in a steamship.

Black Ice. Thin, dark-coloured-ice with no snow on it.

Black Strake. Strake below lower deck gun ports of old warships when they were painted in light colours. This strake was painted with tar and lamp black.

Black Stream. English form of 'Kuro-Siwo'.

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