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Bitt Compressor. Steel or iron lever with foot hinged near cable bitt, but with a sufficient clearance for cable to pass. By haulĀ­ing on a tackle at head of compressor the cable is nipped against the bitt, and so held while turns are passed around bitt.

Bitter. Turn of cable passed around a riding bitt.

Bitter End. That part of a cable that is inboard of a riding bitt. It has been suggested that it should be 'better end'; the inboard part having had less wear than the outboard.

Bitt Head. Upper end of a vertical timber passing through two decks, and well secured at each. Generally used for stoppering, or turning up with, hemp cables.

Bitting Cable 44 Blazer

Bitting Cable. Passing one or two turns of cable around a cable bitt.

Bitt Pin. Steel bar, circular in section, passed fore and aft, through a cable bitt. Together with battledore, which passes transversely, it prevents cable from coming off bitt.

Bitts. Vertical fittings of steel, iron or wood, securely fixed and adequately strengthened for taking ropes that are subject to heavy stresses; e.g. towing hawsers mooring ropes, etc. In sailing ships, they carried sheaves for topsails sheets and other ropes.

Bitt Stopper. Cable stopper that holds outboard cable while inboard part is being turned up around bitt.

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