Nautical words

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Acidity of Boiler Water. Is a result of impurities in it. Usually ascertained by use of litmus paper or methyl orange.

Acker. Alternative name for 'Eagre'.

Acker's Time Scale. First system of time allowances in yacht racing. Introduced, 1843, by G. Holland Acker. Based on length of course and tonnage.

Acker's Yacht Code. System of yacht signalling embodied in Acker's 'Universal Yacht Signals'.

Ackman.* One who steals from a ship in navigable waters. A fresh water pirate.

Acknowledgement. Formal admission that something has been received, or that some specified service has been rendered, or that certain liabilities have been incurred.

Aclinic Line. Magnetic equator. Line passing through all positions on Earth at which there is no magnetic dip.

A-Cockbill. State of an anchor when suspended from cathead by the cathead stopper only. State of a yard when one yard arm is topped by the lift, the other arm being boused down. This is done when using yard as a derrick; also done to prevent yard projecting over the side when vessel is berthed.

Acorn. Ornamental finish, resembling an acorn, at head of an upper wooden mast.

Acquittance. Formal and written discharge from a specified duty, liability or undertaking.

Acrab. Name sometimes given to star  Scorpii.

Acronical. Said of a heavenly body that rises at sunset and sets at sunrise.

Acrostolion.* Bow ornament, usually circular or spiral, carried by ancient warships.

Acrux. Star  Crucis. S.H.A. 174°; Dec. S 63°; Mag. 1-1.

Actinometer. Instrument for measuring intensity of Sun's rays, or of actinic rays.

Actinozoa. Class of sea creatures that includes jelly fish, sea anemones and the coral polyps responsible for coral reefs.

Action 5 Admiralty Coefficients

Action. Engagement or battle with hostile ships or forces.

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