Nautical words

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Bilge Water Alarm. Old fitting that caused a clockwork bell to ring when there was excessive water in the bilges. Accumulated water raised a float that released an escapement on bell.

Bilgeway. Foundation of the cradle that supports a vessel on the sliding ways during building and launching.

Bill, of Anchor. Extreme and more or less pointed end of arm. Projects beyond fluke and assists anchor to bite into the ground.

Billage.* Old form of 'Bilge'.

Billboard. Inclined ledge, either of iron or sheathed with iron, that supported flukes of Admiralty pattern anchors when stowed.

Billet. Piece of steel, in an intermediate state, less than 36 inches sectional area.

Billet Head. Wooden post in bow of whaler, around which the harpoon line runs. 2. Decorative work on stem of a ship with no figure-head.

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