Nautical words

Bidhook.* A small boathook. Bight

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Bidhook.* A small boathook.

Bight. Indentation in land, forming a gulf or bay. 2. Bent part of rope or hawser that forms a loop. 3. That part of slack rope, sail or canvas, that hangs down between the fastenings or


Big Topsail. Name given to a square topsail sometimes carried by cutter rigged yachts. Bilander. Originally was a small coasting vessel (by land-er) of North Sea. Usually had two masts and carried about 100 tons. Name has spread all over the world, and is identical with French 'belandre' and Spanish and Portuguese 'balandra'.

Bilboes. Bar of steel, on which slide steel shackles for confining the ankles of unruly men. Bilge. Originally 'bulge'. Rounded part of ship's underwater body where side curves round towards keel. 2. That part of a cask or barrel where circumference is greatest.

Bilge Blocks. Substantial blocks that support a vessel's bilge when in dry dock.

Bilge Boards. Planks that cover bilges and prevent cargo being damaged by bilge water, or affecting flow of water to pump.

Bilged. Said of a ship when she takes the ground so that her bilges leak.

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