Nautical words

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Bernouilli's Equation. Relates to the motion of any particle of a frictionless fluid, and is considered in study of wave motion. When P is pressure, D density, G gravity, Z depth below a given horizontal plane, and Q resultant velocity, equation is then

given as: -

P 0

D + 2 = GZ + constant.

Berth. Place in which a vessel is moored or secured. Space around a vessel at anchor, and in which she will swing. An allotted accommodation in a ship. Employment aboard a ship. To berth a vessel is to place her in a desired or required position.

Berth and Space. Alternative form of 'Room and Space'.

Beset. Said of a vessel when she is entirely surrounded by ice.

Besselian Day Numbers. Quantities given in 'Nautical Almanac' for place of a star. They yield necessary corrections for long period precession, nutation and aberration.

Bessel's Figure of Earth. Equatorial diameter 6,377,397 miles; polar diameter 6,356,079 miles. Compression 1/299-2.

Best Bower 41 Bilge Keelson

Best Bower. Name sometimes given to starboard bower anchor, which formerly was slightly larger than port (or 'small') bower.

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