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Benguela Current. Inshore branch of Agulhas Current, setting N'ly from Cape of Good Hope and merging in Equatorial Current.

Bennis Stoker. Mechanical stoker for feeding furnaces of Scotch boilers.

Benson Steam Generator. High pressure boiler in which water is carried in tubes. Can raise steam from cold water in 20 minutes.

Bent Heads. Old name for ribs of boat.

Bentick. See 'Bentinck'.

Bentinck. Triangular course used as storm sail in American ships. Introduced by Captain Bentinck.

Bentinck Boom. Spar used for stretching foot of foresail in small square rigged vessels.

Bentinck Shroud. Shroud going from masthead to a spreader, or futtock stave, and thence to chains on opposite side of ship.

Bent Timbers. Ribs of a boat.

Berenice's Hair. See 'Coma Berenicis'.

Berg. Short form of 'Iceberg'.

Bergy Bits. Pieces of ice, about the size of a small house, that have broken off a glacier, or from hummocky ice.

Bermuda Rig. Yacht in which main feature is a triangular main sail with no gaff. Mast and head of sail are higher than with cutter rig, but centre of effort is somewhat lower. Owing to height of masthead it is usual to fit spreaders to shrouds.

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