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Bembridge Type. Cutter-rigged yacht with jib and mainsail. Over­all length about 20 ft., beam 6 ft.

Benches. Seats in after part of boat or in cockpit of a yacht. Often called 'Sheets'.

Bench Mark. Line cut in stone of a permanent erection to indicate a datum level or a distance from datum. British practice uses a line and an indicating small arrow; U.S.A. uses a 3 ½ -in. disc of copper alloy.

Bend. An intertwining of a rope so that it is securely attached to another rope.

Bend Cable. To attach cable to an anchor.

Bending Moment. Force, or sum of forces, that bends or tends to bend any member out of its normal line.

Bending Shackle. Shackle that connects outboard end of cable to anchor.

Bends. Strongest and thickest side strakes of wooden ship. First bend is on water line, second and third bends immediately above it. They are responsible for girder strength of ship and form anchorages for beams, knees and foot hooks.

Bends. Name often given to 'Diver's Palsy' or 'Caisson Disease'.

Bend Sail. To attach a sail to its appropriate spar. Square sails are bent, by robands, to jackstays on yards. Fore and aft sails are usually laced to gaffs and booms, but may be seized to them.

Bend Test. Applied to rivets. Shank is bent and hammered through 180° while cold, and should show no sign of fracture.

Beneaped. State of a vessel when aground and unable to float at high water because rise of neaping tide is insufficient. Also said of vessel unable to leave harbour or dock for want of sufficient water due to the same cause.

Benetnasch 40 Bessel's Figure of Earth

Benetnasch. Star Ursae Majoris. S.H.A. 154°; Dec. N 50°; Mag. 1-9. Name is Arabic for 'Mourners'. The four stars of Ursa Major were anciently looked upon as a bier, and the three stars as mourners (benetnasch). Star is now known as Al Kaid, 'the chief (mourner').

Bengal Light. Old name for 'blue light' pyrotechnic signal.

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