Nautical words

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Account Position by.* 'Estimated Position.'

Account of Wages Book 4 Actinozoa

Account of Wages Book. Supplied by Shipping Office to Master when engaging crew. Accounts of each member of crew are kept in duplicate, one copy being given to man, and the other to Shipping Office, when paying off.

Accul.* Old name for an arm of the sea with no port or river.

Accumulated Rate. The daily rate of a chronometer multiplied by number of days since last comparison.

Accumulator. An electric storage battery.

Accumulator Capacity. Storage power of an accumulator; usually expressed in ampere-hours.

Accustomed Average. 'Average accustomed.'

Achernar. Star  Eridani. R.A. 0lh 36m; Dec. S 57°; Mag. 0-6. S.H.A. 336°. Diameter is four times that of Sun, candlepower is 200 times greater. Distant 66 light years.

Achromatic Lens. Two or more lenses, in combination, that correct the chromatic aberration always present in single lens.

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