Natural right(s)

(Exo 20:13) and manstealing (1Ti 1:10)

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(Exo 20:13) and manstealing (1Ti 1:10), all men have a natural right to life and liberty (see previous section).

  • However, a person's liberty is not unlimited, but is regulated by the laws of God (Gal 5:13; 1Pe 2:16).

  • A person can forfeit their natural right of life by sinning.

    1. The wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23).

    2. The soul that sinneth shall die (Eze 18:4).

  • A person can forfeit their natural right of liberty voluntarily, or by doing wickedness.

  • If a person gets himself into debt, he gives up his natural right of liberty and he can sell himself, or be sold, into slavery (Mat 18:23-25).

  • If a person or a nation rebels against God, God revokes their natural right of liberty.

    1. God allowed Israel to take captives of war (Deu 21:10).

      1. This is the risk a soldier takes when he goes to war.

      2. Israel could have killed them, so taking their liberty rather than their life was a mercy to them.

    2. God allowed Israel to makes slaves of the nations surrounding them

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