Natural right(s)

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Negative rights should not be confused with human rights.

  • "Natural rights were traditionally viewed as exclusively negative rights, whereas human rights also comprise positive rights." (Natural and legal rights, Wikipedia, 4-11-16)

    1. When natural rights conflict with each other

      1. You have a right to swing your fist.

      2. I have a right to my life.

      3. Therefore, your right to swing your fist ends at my nose.

      4. "Rights have certain characteristics or properties. A right is enforceable, but good order requires that personal violence be employed only as a last resort. A right is limited by the rights of others. When rights collide, that right prevails which is the more important or rests on the stronger title." (Paul J. Glenn, An Introduction to Philosophy, p. 412)

    1. The natural rights of life and liberty are naturally inalienable, but can be revoked by God.

      1. In that God's law forbids murder

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