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Advantage two is bison:
Now is the key time to influence the bison market—changing policies now can alter the debate over bison restoration

LULKA 2008 (David Lulka, Dept of Geography, San Diego State University, Journal of Cultural Geography, February)

Since bison ranching is a relatively new field of endeavor, questions remain concerning which perspectives and practices will become magnified within the industry when it is compelled to respond to a series of economic, cultural and material factors. However, of particular importance here is the effect these decisions have on the physical and behavioral attributes of bison, since these attributes stand at the heart of bison restoration. That is, in what ways might the industry's practices, which are in part responsible for the quantitative resurgence of the species, impinge upon the qualitative distinctiveness of the animal (e.g. its behavior and physical attributes)? Below, I attempt to show that there are many different factors at work that 'mainstream' the bison industry, each of which may potentially transform the essence of the industry, the animal, and therefore the credibility of bison restoration.
Unfortunately, corporate bison interests are altering the nature and perception of bison—this will destroy their cultural and environmental uniqueness and undermine support for wild bison restoration

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