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Lack of staff and resources cause tribal mismanagement

NCAI 11 (NATIONAL CONGRESS OF AMERICAN INDIANS “SENATE COMMITTEE ON INDIAN AFFAIRS HEARING: Oversight hearing on tribal transportation: Paving the way for Jobs, Infrastructure,

and Safety in Native Communities”, September 15,

Still, conflicting grant conditions and contract requirements arising from other federal transportation programs continue to obstruct the efficient and cost-effective transportation infrastructure development Congress has envisioned for Indian Country. Few tribal governments have the staff or resources for negotiations to conform these extensive conditions and requirements to tribal-specific legal and policy considerations or to establish duplicative administrations for managing disparate contract and grant requirements – and they should not have to. In other agencies, tribal implementation of federal programs under the ISDEAA has allowed tribes to adopt uniform and more cost-effective accounting, management, procurement and reporting systems. Under ISDEAA, tribes spend less on program administration and more on program services and activities.

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