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Tribal cooperation is key to the CP

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Tribal cooperation is key to the CP

Swan, 02 Arizona Department of Transportation (Jeff, “Native American Transportation Issues in Arizona: Coordination of State and Tribal Transportation Issues”, September, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH CIRCULAR Number E-C039, Conference on Transportation Improvements: Experiences Among Tribal, Local, State, and Federal Governments, SW)

ADOT = Arizona Department of Transportation

The ADOT/tribal relationships in the area of transportation have improved over the last 10 years, but there is still room for improvement on all fronts. An effort is underway, sponsored by ADOT and FHWA, to educate tribal officials on the planning and programming processes that are used by ADOT. Other efforts by ADOT and the district engineers will be forthcoming, but there is a continuing need for the tribes to cooperate with ADOT so that their transportation needs on the state highways are addressed. ADOT is aware of the need for cooperation and the need to reach out for tribal input, but the tribes need to leave the door open and respond to ADOT’s outreach efforts.

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