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Indian economies are key to the overall US economy

Indian Country Today Media Network, 6/29/12 (“‘Litefoot’, New President and CEO of NCAIED Pushes for Indian Country To Expand Its Global Footing”, ( SW)

“At a time when diversifying our economic vision has never been more important, the National Center’s role in fostering global relations between Indian country and other countries to facilitate new opportunities beyond the U.S. is the future,” Davis said. “And that’s not just a one-way street. Tribal leaders have spoken about import and export, and how to exercise tribal sovereignty to not just help their own tribal communities, but to help drive the U.S. economy. “While many people may find the idea of Indian country driving the U.S. economy absurd, I believe there is a way to do it,” he continued, citing the success of gaming in Indian country as an example. “Some people thought gaming was crazy. They never thought it would become so lucrative for many tribal nations.”

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