Native Americans

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Native Americans

H.Porter, The Inconstant Savage

G.Nash, Red,White and Black: The Peoples of Early America

F.Jennings, The Invasion of America

W.Jacobs, Dispossessing the American Indian

K.Kupperman, Settling with the Indians: The meeting of English and Indian Cultures in America 1580-1640

J.Axtell, The Invasion Within

James Axtell, The European and the Indian

James Axtell, The Indian peoples of North America

Vaughan, Alden T.Puritans among the Indians: accounts of captivity and redemption, 1676-1724

A M Gibson, The American Indian prehistory to the present

Dobyns, Henry F. Their number become thinned : native American population dynamics in eastern North America

Francis Jennings, The Ambiguous Iroqouis Empire

Henry Bowden, American Indians and Christian Missions

William Cronon, Changes in the land: Indians, colonists and the ecology of New England.

Dowd, Gregory Evans A spirited resistance : the North American Indian struggle for unity, 1745-1815

James Merrel, The Indians' New World

James Axtell, After Columbus

Helen Rountree, The Powhatan Indians of Virginia

H.C.Porter, 'Anglicans, Puritans and Indians' in W. Sheils [ed], Persecution and Toleration

W.Craven, White, Red and Black

Greg O'Brien, Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age

Robbie Ethridge & Charles Hudson (eds), The transformation of the southeastern Indians, 1540-1760

Richter, Daniel K. Facing east from Indian country : a Native history of early America

Theda Perdue, Mixed Blood Indians: Racial Construction in Early South

Alan Gallay, Indian Slavery: The Rise of the English Empire in the American South, 1670-1717

Dan Richter & James Merrell, (ed), Beyond the covenant chain: the Iroquois & their neighbors in Indian North America, 1600-1800

Kristina Bross, Dry Bones and Indian Sermons: Praying Indians in Colonial America

H.Porter, 'Creative Adaptions: Peoples and Cultures' in Greene and Pole [eds] Colonial British America

A.Vaughan, New England Frontier

Douglas Leach, The Northern colonial frontier

Robert Berkhofer, The white man's Indian

D J Silverman, Faith and Boundaries: Colonists, Christianity, and Community among the Wampanoag Indians of Martha's Vineyard, 1600-1871.

J H Pulsipher, Subjects unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England.
Calvin Martin, Keepers of the Game, Indian animal relationships and the fur trade

W.Washburn, The Governor and the Rebel

Perdue, Theda

Cherokee women : gender and culture change, 1700-1835

Calloway, Colin G. New worlds for all : Indians, Europeans, and the remaking of early America

Colin Galloway (ed), The World Turned Upside Down: Indian Voices from Early America

Colin Galloway, The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities

Laura J. Murray, (ed) To do good to my Indian Brethren: The Writings of Jospeh Johnson, 1751-1776 

Barry OConnell, A Son of the Forest and other writings by William Apess, a Pequot 

Jose Antonio Brandao, Your fyre shall burn no more: Iroquois Policy toward New France and its Native allies to 1701 

Roger L. Nichols, Indians in the United States and Canada: A Comparative History 

Michael N. McConnell, A Country Between: The Upper Ohio Valley and its Peoples, 1724-1774 

Noble Cook, Born to Die: Disease and New World Conquest, 1492-1650
Richard Trexler, Sex and Conquest: Gendered Violence, Political Order, and the European Conquest of the Americas 

Peter Mancall, Deadly Medicine: Indians and Alcohol in Early America 

Helen Rountree & Thomas Davidson, Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland 

Kathleen J. Bragdon, Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650 

Karen Kupperman, Indians and English: Facing off in Early America
Timothy J. Shannon, Indians and Colonists at the Crossroads of Empire: The Albany Congress of 1754 

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