Native Americans vs. Europeans

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Native Americans vs. Europeans
At first, Native Americans welcomed the Europeans. They introduced the Europeans to tomatoes, corn, potatoes, and tobacco. The Europeans introduced Native Americans to guns, sugarcane, and horses. They also brought diseases new to the Americas- the common cold, measles, and smallpox, to name a few-which killed many thousand Native Americans.

When Europeans began to explore and later settle in North America, they used guns to take whatever they wanted. They thought they had the right to do this. When they built villages and later cities, they often cleared forests that the Native Americans had been using for years. These forests were the homes of many of the wild animals that the Native Americans hunted and depended upon. The Native Americans believed that no one man should own land, that the land was only there for them to use, so you can see how this belief would later lead to conflicts between the Native Americans and European settlers trying to take ownership of the land and establish settlements on it.

Areas of Cooperation Areas of Conflict

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