Native Americans Pueblo Indians

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Native Americans

Pueblo Indians

There were many tribes of Southwest Indians. One tribe was the Pueblo.

The Pueblo lived in the high flatlands of the south- western part of the country. They walked to get from place to place.

The men of the tribe were farmers. Some grew crops and others raised sheep.

The weather in the south-west was very hot during the day with cold nights. There was very little rain so the land was dry.

The Pueblo used the soil and straw to make clay called adobe. With this adobe, the Pueblo made bricks and built multi-level homes.


Indians lived in different parts of the United States, but all of them had a great respect for nature. They never took more than they needed. If they cut a tree down, they used all of it. If they killed an animal, they used all of it.

There are many types of art used today that we learned from the Indians. Some made pottery, others weaved rugs, and still others carved wood and clay.

Some Indians taught us to use the earth by farming corn and tobacco. They understood weather, nature, and even animals. All Indians were very thankful for the earth and took care of it.

Lakota Indians

There were many tribes of Plains Indians. One was the Lakota.

The Lakota lived on the plains and hills of the middle of the country. To get from place to place, they walked or rode on horses.

The men of the tribe were buffalo hunters or horsemen. The tribe used the buffalo to survive. They ate the meat, used the bones for tools, and used the skin for clothing and homes.

The weather on the plains was very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. This made life hard for them.

Teepees, the Lakota homes, were made from animal skin. They were easy to set up and take down. This way the Indians could move to follow the buffalo herds.

Powhatan Indians

There were many tribes of Eastern Woodland Indians. One was the Powhatan.

They lived near the ocean or settled near rivers in the hills and mountains. They walked or made canoes out of trees and used them to get from place to place.

Many of the men were farmers. Others were fishermen or hunters.

The weather was very hot during the summer, but mild in the winter. This made the land good for growing crops like corn and tobacco.

Homes in this area were called longhouses. They were made from wood frames that were covered with bark, grass, and animal skins.

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