Native Americans lacked which key Old World innovations/inventions?

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John Green’s Crash Course in U.S. History Video #1 (The Black Legend, Native Americans & Spaniards)
Watch the video on YouTube and answer the following questions.

You may answer in short form. Does not require complete sentences, but please write legibly.

  1. Native Americans lacked which key Old World innovations/inventions?

  2. What three elements of a complex civilization did the natives have according to John Green?

  3. How many Native Americans probably lived in North America at the time of discovery? How many lived within the present U.S. borders.

  1. Which Native American civilization peaked about 1200 CE and why?

  2. What is a confederacy, and which, according to John Green, is the best known Indian Confederacy?

  1. What rights did Native American women have in most Indian cultures?

  2. Which European leader “discovered” Florida in 1513?

  3. Which two factors does John Green (JG) identify as the primary Spanish motivation behind exploration and settlement of Florida?

  4. Why did the Pueblos revolt in New Mexico? Who was their leader?

  5. Who wrote the document JG reads depicting the harsh treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish?

  1. Describe the Black Legend? Is it true? Why or why not?

  2. What caution does John Green give us about the use of primary sources in U.S. History?

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