National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

gender dimensions at all levels and in all areas

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gender dimensions at all levels and in all areas, as one of the starting points for social exclusion, and the recommendations incorporate a gender sensitive approach when facing social challenges.

  • The findings of the National Strategy will serve as a basis for preparing the measures and activities for social inclusion, which will be then evaluated by the European Union. With the strengthening of the capacities and with a view on building the interests of the country, all authorities, organizations and institutions should form strategic visions and policies and make available the required knowledge in the area of the social sphere for the purposes of implementing the planned task.

  • The expansion of the coverage and the rights of the citizens, in accordance with the principles of the European Union, as well as the implementation of the measures from the EU 2020 strategy, brings Macedonia closer to the EU policies in the social sphere, the commitments that exist in the union member countries. The elimination of stereotypes from the past and accepting the numerous innovations and solutions in this field will help

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