National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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6. Fiscal implications

  • The implementation of the Strategy is related to the development of an efficient model, directed towards stimulating the processes, programs and measures which influence the reduction of poverty and social exclusion. This also entails upgrading the financing system which, in addition to the national Budget and the budgets of the local self-government also needs programmatic funds that could be secured on different bases, in accordance with the defined objectives of the National Strategy.

  • The involved ministries need to envision in the action plans the fiscal implications for implementation of activities for the current year within the framework of the total fiscal costs necessary to implement this strategy. This also represents an increase of the funds needed to accomplish the objectives of the National Strategy envisioned during the planning of the budget needs of the Government, the ministries, the local government and each of the organizations and institutions.

  • These increased funding will facilitate the realization of the objectives and the policies proposed in the National Strategy.

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