National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

Section4Implementation of the strategy

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Section4Implementation of the strategy

  • 1. Application of the concept and the role of the Government

  • The application of the concepts proposed in the National Strategy has implications on the level of involvement of the institutions, but also on the expected effects. Due to the complexity and multifaceted nature of the problems, which was indicated before, the highest governing authority, the Government should be the leading agent and coordinator of the implementation of this Strategy. Certainly theministries should lead the different strategic initiatives and measures, in accordance with their responsibilities.

  • In this framework, the formation and the direct implementation of the measures could be simplified with the formation of a sector or a department for social inclusion in the cabinet of the president of the Government. This department will coordinate the activities on a daily or a periodic basis and will inform the highest governing authority about the growth of employment and the reduction of poverty, and, as needed, will propose appropriate solutions for which the government will have to make the appropriate decisions5.

  • Every measure that is implemented or planned to change or enact on the level of Government, ministry of any other authority, must be examined from various viewpoints. This review and analysis reveals the impact of that measure on the social exclusion, employment, unemployment, as well as poverty. Such an assessment is a requirement when proposing any measures. This assessment will impact the enactment and implementation of the entire National Strategy for Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion, as well as the developmental effects in general.

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