National strategy for reduction of poverty and social exclusion in the republic of macedonia

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  • To develop mechanisms for reducing poverty and social exclusion of the vulnerable categories of citizens.

  • Results

      1. Improve the situation of the Roma;

      2. Improve the situation of the minorities;

      3. Improve the situation of the unemployed persons from the vulnerable groups;

      4. Resolve the rights and requirements of the disabled and handicapped people;

      5. Support old and decrepit people;

      6. Work with children and assisting children at risk;

      7. Greater employment of women – victims of family violence;

      8. Assistance and treatment of persons that abuse drugs and psychotropic substances:

      9. Fostering homeless persons;

      10. Support young people from vulnerable categories to find employment;

      11. Provide support and assistance of single parents;

      12. Special care for the chronically ill people and people with malignant conditions;

      13. Provide assistance and care to people who have been victims of human trafficking and prostitution.

    • Based on the considerations made for the purposes of this Strategy, as well as on previously mentioned strategic documents and acts it has been suggested that the Roma are one of the most vulnerable groups on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. In spite of the large number of strategic documents and action plans for improving their situation in different areas, still there is a series of measures that can and should be implemented in the short and the medium term.

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